Kangasala is a rapidly growing and developing town near Tampere with excellent transport connections. The urban region of Tampere and its neighbouring municipalities is by far the most attractive residential and business area in Finland.

Kangasala has a population of over 33,000 residents, and that number is still growing. In addition to year-round residents, Kangasala has over 4,500 seasonal homes.

The center of the city of Kangasala from above. Photographer: Ismo Santapukki.


The attractive town of Kangasala is known for its great natural beauty, high-quality housing options and everything necessary for successful business operations. In 2023, Kangasala received the award for best municipality for entrepreneurship and vitality in its region.

Currently, there are over 2,000 companies in many different fields in Kangasala, and the number of companies establishing operations in the area is continuously growing. Traditionally, the most important sectors in Kangasala have been the construction and metalworking industry, the food industry, and social welfare and health. The town offers comprehensive services and diverse recreational and cultural opportunities.


The nature of Kangasala is beautiful and pure. Photographer: Rami Valonen.


A good life and success in Kangasala

Established in 2018, Business Kangasala Oy promotes business and tourism in the region. The company’s task is to increase the vitality of the region by providing new and existing companies with the services they need. The company sells and rents business plots and helps companies establish operations in the area. We also market privately owned plots and business premises. The company promotes networking among companies in various ways, both locally and regionally.


In Kangasala, there is, among other things, successful tank construction industry. The image showcases finished products from Eurotank Ltd. Photographer: Tero Hakala.


Business Kangasala is actively involved in developing and planning the business districts of Lamminrahka and Saarenmaa. We also cooperate with our marketing partner Tarasten Kiertotalousalue Oy. Plots in the Taraste Circular Economy Hub are now available for sale and rent. Plots in Saarenmaa will become available after the land use planning process is completed, in 2025 or 2026. Parts of the Lamminrahka and Saarenmaa areas are allocated to housing and local services for the residents.

The Lamminrahka business district is located along the busy main road 12 (Lahdentie), at the Kangasala-Tampere border. The area can be reached in 15 minutes by car from the city centre of Tampere, and in 5 minutes from the centre of Kangasala. Despite its central location, nature is never far away in this area, which is surrounded by vast forests. There are plots of different sizes, ideal as production and office premises for companies that appreciate a location with excellent logistics, smooth public transport links and existing infrastructure that makes construction easy. The new district has been designed with sustainable development in mind, and it is a functional combination of high-quality housing and the prerequisites of successful business. Read more about the diverse opportunities in Lamminrahka by clicking on the link below.


Lamminrahkan yritysalue
Lamminrahka is a new district in Kangasala, right next to Tampere. In Lamminrahka, a 10-hectare business area is also being developed. Visualization image: Architectural firm Noan Ltd.
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